USA Football Betting Online and the New "Live Betting" Option

Legal USA football betting on college and pro teams is alive and well in the United States. Since most states disallow physical sportsbooks and bookmakers from offering legal sports betting options, the average American mistakenly believes that the virtual versions of sportsbooks are also illegal. Well, they are sort of right, and sort of wrong. Betting on National Football League games online is currently illegal in the United States if a US-based company is offering the action. You can still peruse US football betting lines and odds at many websites, but you just cannot place a legal wager with a company which is owned and operated in the good old U.S.A. currently. This aspect can make finding USA sports betting sites a little more confusing for Americans.

However, there are many jurisdictions around the world, some parts of Canada, the Isle of Man, and areas in the United Kingdom to name a few, where online gambling is not only legal, it is big business. Sportsbooks setting up shop in these areas can become legally licensed to provide USA football betting options for American gamblers. Obviously, as with any industry, some companies are better than others. But when you find one of these legally licensed and certified offshore sportsbooks that uses dependable software, pays out quickly and understands the value of U.S. sports betting customers, that means you have just cashed in with a big win. These sites are very competitive, offering attractive USA football betting odds and lines, interesting sports betting bonuses and other incentives to attract customers.

They generally provide the typical sports betting opportunities you would expect, like access to NHL, MLB, NCAA and NBA games as well as NFL contests, but many also include reality TV entertainment betting options, Superbowl futures and props bets, and action on NASCAR, rugby, cricket and darts contests as well. And recently an exciting new NFL betting opportunity has also appeared at many of these legally licensed offshore Internet sportsbooks. Live betting, also called in-game betting, is exactly what it sounds like. In addition to traditional sports betting options where you can place a line, side or total bet before a sports contest begins, you can now place bets in the middle of live NCAA college and National Football League action.

USA football betting with live action is the most interactive type of sports gambling you will ever find. It literally puts you into the game, as close as you can get without suiting up yourself. US and international players can still place traditional wagers before the start of an NCAA or NFL regular season game, postseason contest or Superbowl, but they can also place bets on possible outcomes while the game is actually taking place. The betting options are different for NFL games than they are for NCAA games and other sports, because of the unique nature of each sport, but this new in-game betting opportunity can offer some very attractive opportunities for savvy gamblers.

And there is virtually no end to the types of US football betting lines that are offered with live in-game betting options. It is totally legal for an Internet sportsbook to offer any type of NCAA or NFL prop bet, side or total bet, since that company is the one that has to pay if it loses. But for the most part, live betting will involve adjusted point spreads, first quarter, halftime and third quarter betting, and usually focuses on point spreads and totals. For instance, in an NFL contest, if New Orleans is favored by 7.5 points over the Indianapolis Colts before the game begins, and the Saints take an early 10 - 0 lead, a sportsbook may offer a live in-game opportunity at New Orleans minus 10. These types of in-game wagers join traditional National Football League betting opportunities at legally licensed offshore sportsbooks to offer legitimate USA football betting opportunities for the American sports lover.

International players can reference our page on Top UK Sports Betting for sites which cater to players from over seas.

Top Football Betting Websites On The Internet

#1 Bovada Sports


For reliable football betting options for USA players that provide a consistently high quality gambling experience, we always turn to Bovada Casino. They offer a 50% bonus up to $250 for new players, and a strong selection of football betting lines to choose from. Bovada also has a casino, poker room and racebook, and lots of football promos all season.

#2 offers secure football betting to USA players is a trusted and legitimate sportsbook that accepts USA players and provides a substantial selection of betting lines and wagering options. Their welcome bonus is a 25% match bonus up to $1000 on your first deposit, and every deposit thereafter. They are known for fast payouts and responsive customer support.

#3 BetOnline

Enjoy exciting top sports betting action at BetOnline Sportsbook

BetOnline Sportsbook is in the same network as, and offers the same high quality sports betting experience and even the same 100% match bonus up to $1000 for life. As well as a strong sportsbook, BetOnline also offers a great poker room and live dealer casino games that are available for USA and International players.

#4 Bookmaker

Enjoy exciting top sports betting action at Bookmaker Sportsbook

Bookmaker Sports is a staple in the industry and has become a trusted and preferred brand among bettors and industry professionals. Their welcome bonus offer is a 15% match bonus up to $2500. Their selection of betting lines and wagering options is substantial, and they have good seasonal promotions for existing players.

#5 DSI Sportsbook

Enjoy exciting top sports betting action at DSI Sportsbook

DSI Sportsbook has been around for a long time, and they know what they're doing. Players trust them to provide a safe and secure betting environment, a wide variety of betting lines, creative wagering options, and ongoing seasonal promotions for existing players. New players will get a 20% match bonus up to $500.

Trusted Site

Visit for authentic football betting lines.